Night School : Art Pottery. 


WEEK ONE - Stoneware Vessels - Wassail pots, posset pots, jugs, drinking vessels. Quick, hand built pots using slab building and pinching techniques. We will make at least one smaller vessel to hold a poured candle and a larger slab built piece. 

We will look at the Uk studio pottery tradition for inspiration and think about inside/outside, handles, feet and spouts!


WEEK TWO - Terracotta and the Joy of Dirt -  We will make a bowl or platter which we will single fire later in the course, and decorate with black iron oxide. We will look at historical earthenware pots, and different pattern and decoration techniques.

Plus a Lecture - the print school and pot school will come together to listen to a short lecture from a practising artist talk about crossover points between art, design and craft in their practice over zoom. 


WEEK THREE - Punchy Pocket Pottery - We will look at miniatures, figures and figurines, coins, symbolic tokens and beads to make something very small which can fit in a pocket. How to fit the world into your pocket. Holes will be encouraged for making love tokens to be carried round the neck (naturally!). This work will be designed to be unglazed and burnished.

Plus Glazing and oxide painting - we will finish any oxide decoration of the platter we make in week 2, as well as starting the glazing of our vessels from Week one. 


WEEK 4 - Molten Stone and Metal - A whole workshop dedicated to glazing  experimenting with different applications, thinking about colour, layers, balance as well as a little mini mini lecture about what glazes are made from and why they react the way they do. We will also raw glaze our terracotta platter and have a chat about different ways to fire work.  We will have a chance to load the kiln and talk briefly about firing schedules. 


WEEK 5 - Wax, Fire and The Grad Show

Experiment with some scent and melt soy wax to pour into our vessel for week one, finish your silver chain for your unglazed bead (if you want one) , plus a display of final work with a relaxed but informative crit and feedback session with refreshments.


Where and When : Many Studios, 3 Ross St. 

Wednesdays August 17th - September 14th, 6pm-8.15pm.


Cost: £150 PP including all materials apart from the silver chain. The cost includes 2 kiln shelves worth of firing which is enough to do all the work in the syllabus.

If you make more work you can buy kiln space and clay at cost price on top. There are a max number of 7 people. 

Night School : Art Pottery