You don't like handles?! Well I got just the cup for u! 


3 styles, which is the Randy's Red brownish glaze, and 2 selsor chuns, one is on a whiteish buff body of clay so I have listed it separately. So we got selsor toasty and selsor buff. Hope thats not too confusing but it probably is haha.


First post will be Monday 6th December and then I will do another lot on the Friday! 


Pls handwash. 


Also, please note, these are all different, and if you got specific wishes, please let me know when you order. 

Price includes postage. If you want the CUP gift wrapped and sent directly to the customer, it's £2 on top, and I'll donate the whole amount to St.Joseph's Hospice in Hackney. I will wrap with newspaper and a piece of my handmade ribbon which looks really nice honest!!!!!! Its poppin.